What do we need?

  • A space on lease at your store to shelf our products.

  • What do you get?

  • Custom made furniture to suit your ambiance.
  • Web-based software to manage sales & inventory.
  • Periodical risk-free lease.
  • Papercoal Merchandises.

  • How does it work?

    Simple - Stock. Sell. Repeat.

    To start with, we send you a collection of our notebooks, you shelf them, ready for selling. You maintain the inventory and sales using our easy to use, web-based point of sale system. Restock when needed, and repeat.


    On a periodical basis, we remit the lease amount to you and you remit the collection amount to us.


    • Co-branding
    • Cost sharing
    • Market sharing
    • Risk-free
    • Brand promotion (with optional co-branding)

    No risk, no problem:

    A unique collaboration system that eliminates probably all the risks. You need no extra space, no additional manpower, and little efforts to make this work. The stock is ours until you sell it. Probably one of the most risk-free business models.

    Since no margins are involved, the risk of stocking the merchandises is of Papercoal, zero investment needed & you get all the benefits right from the first month.


    Make your own notebooks* with Papercoal

    Special edition notebooks, designed to make your brand look prettier. Using a custom logo, custom notebook cover & more at an extremely effective cost-sharing module.